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How do you grow and build a sustainable business? Most entrepreneurs are not running a sustainable business, they are running a lifestyle business or producing an income. If you want to learn how to grow your business then this is the workshop for you. The workshop is designed for professionals who want to kick-start their growth. The focus will be on service-oriented businesses.

90% of business failure is due to lack of effective execution. We give you actionable strategies and tactics to help you implement so you can succeed. The session is designed to establish a planning process in your routine and direct you to be a Business Builder.

During these sessions, you will gain insight into business building best practices. You’ll hear what works to grow your business and achieve your desired results. The session is led by a facilitator to keep on point and focused on key issues.

Get the information, insight, and inspiration you need to develop, enhance, and redefine your business strategies to build or rebuild your business. Re-energize yourself and your results with this workshop. Learn from the best.

If you want to bend the arch of the world in your favour, show up for this workshop.

In this workshop you will learn to:
●    Adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur and learn what it takes to be a Business Builder
●    Focus on the key strategies and tactics that will help you build your business
●    Develop and implement a strategy to build a business that is right for you
●    Create a client experience that attracts and retains clients for life
●   Build your business to create more free time and professional satisfaction.
●   Most businesses have an easy double. We will work on finding your easy double.

●   Setting direction and learning to sail through the storms 

●   Understanding and Taming Complexity
●   Finding your edge. Where do you focus so you can grow?
●   Moving from pursuing clients to attracting clients.
●   Developing your plan for Building the Future
●   Learning how to Hack Marketing
●   A Leadership Framework for Future Builders

Date: Wednesday 12th December, 2018
Time:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Place: ADL Workshop – cor French & Mc Donald Street, Port of Spain

Keita Demming (PhD) is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the Head of Innovation and Development at The Covenant Group (TCG). At TCG, he cofounded The Business Builder Academy and the performance platform Coach on the Go™. Coach on the Go™is an online coaching platform that guides entrepreneurs through building a high-performance business.The platform acts as a virtual coach for entrepreneurs and business builders.The Business Builder Academy is a peer-to-peer learning space for entrepreneurs earning $500,000.00 or more and want to grow their revenue.

When Keita is not building new products for the emerging future, he works as an innovation consultant and business coach. Although he is currently working in the space of Financial Technology, his interest is in working with people who want to be high performers and future builders. You can also visit his podcast Disruptive Conversations where he unpacks how people who are working to disrupt a sector or system think. He is also the co-founder and licensee for TEDxPortofSpain and many other initiatives that aim to build a ecosystem for innovation.